Everyone has a dream. At Steezy, we dream everyday. 

Tired of all the mainstream clothing we wanted to create something different, something unique; something that displays our love for the mountain that will be there until the day we die. Steezy is not just a clothing industry, it is a group of friends who are in it to change people’s lives for the better. Life is short, make the most of it and live it up! Throw that trick BIG, but keep it steezy.


Our shirts are often individually made; not just a logo slapped on the front of a shirt and calling it good. We focus on dyes, bleaching, and hand-sewing to create the sickest shirts that are one-of-a-kind. The fit of a t-shirt is crucial to us, if we try on a shirt and it fits like a toga, you will not see that shirt in stores. Our goal is to make decently-priced goods that show the passion and drive we have for freestyle riding, and the lifestyle that comes along with it. We dream and ride up in Denver, CO, rock Steezy Shirts in your town. Everyone has dreams; follow yours. Dream to live, live the dream. Steezy.